Advanced electromagnetic modeling of human bodies and antenna design using ANSYS HFSS®, ANSYS Maxwell 3D®, and the MATLAB® platform
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Numerical modeling of static and dynamic electromagnetic projects
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Antennas and antenna arrays
Custom high-quality body meshes with or without organs

The number of electromagnetic applications in industry, medicine, and academia is consistently rising. The need for accurate, simple, and accessible electromagnetic modeling solutions is becoming increasingly prevalent.

NEVA EM Library of Electromagnetic Modeling Solutions
Including a MathWorks Connections Program product

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Work with the widely available and readily accessible CST MWS, ANSYS HFSS, Maxwell 3D, and MATLAB software
Quickly and effectively solve static and dynamic electromagnetic problems
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Use various customization levels to fit the software to your specific modeling requirements and projects
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Use a collection of surface and organ human body meshes suitable for static (Boundary Element Method or Method of Moments) and dynamic (Finite Difference Time Domain Method) modeling
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Reference an extensive, constantly updated module documentation library containing walk-throughs, examples, and underlying theory
Work with us on a customized solution for your project
NEW: Detailed, Fast VHP FEM Human Body Model version 2.0

Optimized for FEM and BEM modeling

Intended for electromagnetic and mechanical full-body analysis including different overweight or obese conditions (variable fat volume) and different tissue compositions

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Surface Human Body Meshes (ANSYS HFSS, Maxwell 3D, and MATLAB)
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Video Example: CSF Pulsations (FEM mesh)

VHP-F Model For Simulating REG Data in Maxwell 3D

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