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Wide-Bore 100-150 kHz Resonator for Non-Contact E-Field Generation via Faraday's Law of Induction

Wide-bore high-Q (about 300) resonator in the form of a low-pass birdcage-coil with inductively-coupled quadrature feed. Driven by a 3 kW custom amplifier. The rotating magnetic field is perpendicular to the coil axis. User-controlled carrier field modulation of 0-1000 Hz is foreseen.  The resulting electric field magnitude within a tissue is about 1 V/cm. Potential applications include Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields, high intensity) and chronic pain treatment  (peripheral nervous system, lower intensity).


Coil driver (a high-level circuit schematic) 

Computed magnetic field distributions in the center plane of the coil and in the axial plane (bottom row) 

Average electric field strength in selected tissues computed for the full-body human model at the abdominal/neck landmark. Coil power is fixed at 2.4 kW. Over 95% of this power is dissipated in the coil itself

To create alternating  (modulated) electric field/electric current in a biological tissue via Faraday's law of induction. 

Device Availability

Available for biomedical experimentation including custom modifications. We are looking for medical collaborators/sponsors.

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