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Neva VHP Female 5.0 Spinal Column

Innovative Human CAD Models For Your Analysis Needs

NEVA EM constructs anatomical true-CAD cross-platform human models for electromagnetic, computational fluid dynamics, thermal, and structural simulations.

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Neva EM creates the most anatomically accurate and numerically efficient computational human models essential to characterizing the response of the human body to a variety of electromagnetic, acoustic, and other external stimuli. With the ability to run our models in any software package, either finite element, finite difference, or boundary element based, our models work for you.

VHP Female v5.0

Our most advanced model. Includes up to 300 parts, superior cranial definition, enhanced spinal cord, nerves, and artery structures. FDA qualified MDDT. 

VHP Female v2.2

Includes 213 parts, basic cranial definition, spinal cord, and vein structures. Available free of charge for non-commercial academic use only.

VHP Male (NEW)

Following the successful implementation of the VHP Female Model, we have introduced the VHP Male Model.

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