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Office Based Osteoporosis Screening

NEVA Electromagnetics has created an entirely new, simple method to detect osteoporosis – making bone density screening accessible to all. Our solution is office-based, easy to use, fast, accurate, safe, and cost effective. 


Our radiofrequency wave system relies on novel, proprietary, patent-pending antenna technology. Bone loss is measured through signal attenuation (reduction in RF signal strength as it passes through bone).


The system transmits a small amount of radiofrequency power into the wrist, roughly equivalent to a Bluetooth headset’s and significantly less than the radiated power of a typical cellphone.


The measurement is taken at the wrist and only takes about a minute. Unlike traditional screening methods there is no undressing, no gels, no radiation, no additional travel, no specialized technician; the system is fully automated and accurate.


We have carried out trials on 72 subjects, obtaining extremely compelling results (sensitivity of 83% and a specificity of 94%). These results are obtained without the inclusion of any additional clinical risk factors. Given that other recent studies have shown a strong correlation between bone density measurements in the arms, hip, and spine, the radio transmission data may be usable on its own as a predictor of bone density. 


 We are looking for medical collaborators/sponsors. For more information please contact us.

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