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Neva  VHP Female 5.0 Spinal Column

VHP Male Model

Due to the successful implementation of the VHP Female Model and extremely high demand we are excited to introduce the VHP Male Model. Built on the same standards for excellence, Neva EM has created the most anatomically accurate and numerically efficient computational human male model that is essential to characterizing the response of the human body to a variety of electromagnetic, acoustic and other external stimuli. 

VHP Male details

Cross-Platform Models Meet Your Computational Needs

NEVA EM human models can run in any software package, either finite element, finite difference, or boundary element based. Current partners include: Ansys (HFSS), Dassault Systèmes (CST Studio Suite), and Cadence (Clarity 3D Solver).


As with the VHP Female v5.0 model the VHP Male Model has been created exclusively using medical data collected as part of the US Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project - a collection of extremely detailed and anatomically accurate data obtained from a male cadaver. The data includes magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) imagery together with high-definition photographs of cross-sectional cryosections.

VHP Male Muscles Front
VHP Male Muscles Side
VHP Male Muscles Back

Planned Advancements

Future additions to the VHP Male Model include major muscle groups and selected large nerves. In addition, further detail in the circulatory system will likely be required to address several simulation applications.

As with the VHP-Female model, additional layers characterizing variations in skin and fat thicknesses will be included to explore the impact of body mass index on SAR. Refinements of the inner and outer ear structures are also envisioned. Inclusion of sinus cavities will also be critical to enable the highest level of accuracy possible.

VHP Male details


The VHP Male Model is available for commercial use. Please click the button below to license the VHP Male model.

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