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Neva  VHP Female 5.0 Spinal Column

VHP Female Model v2.2

The VHP Female Model v2.2 is available to all interested researchers/professors free of charge. This computational model enables exploration of innovative and exciting applications, from medical diagnostic techniques and therapeutic treatments to new ways of on- and in-body communications.



The VHP Female Model v2.2 is based exclusively on medical data collected as part of the US Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project - a collection of extremely detailed and anatomically accurate data obtained from a female cadaver. The data includes magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) imagery together with high-definition photographs of cross-sectional cryosections.


VHP Female v2.2 has been evaluated by a board of medical experts from Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Center, HMS, Boston, MA, USA: Prof. Ara Nazarian (Orthopaedics), Prof. Felipe Fregni (Neurology), Alexander R. Opotowsky, MD, MMSc (Cardiovascular systems), Prof. George Haleblian (Urology), Mr. Vitaliy Poylin, MD (Gastroenterology), and Prof. Edward K. Rodriguez (Musculoskeletal tissue components).  The direction of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Weiskopf, PD Dr. Stefan Geyer, and Dr. Mikhail Kozlov (all from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany) is also acknowledged. Tissue meshes have been updated.

  • 213 Individual Parts

  • Basic Vein Structure

  • Working Cranial Definition 

  • Basic Spinal Cord

Cross-Platform Models Meet Your Computational Needs

NEVA EM human models can run in any software package, either finite element, finite difference, or boundary element based. Current partners include: Ansys (HFSS), Dassault Systèmes (CST Studio Suite), and Cadence (Clarity 3D Solver).


VHP Female Model v2.2 is available to all interested researchers/professors free of charge in the fulfillment of NSF SBIR Phase I grant 1520168 and NIH/National Library of Medicine SBIR Phase I grant R43 LM012352-01A1


To obtain the complete model package and enroll into a distribution/update list please click the button below.

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